Could I apply to Cornell as a reach school?

<p>Stats so far:
-Catholic private school
-African-American/Korean female
-3.5 gpa (upward trend, honors and AP classes)
-Co-captain of Varsity cheer squad
-Varsity cheerleader, 1 letter, 4 awards (10th, 11th, and next year)
-Over 200 Volunteer hours with the Red Cross (9th, 10th, 11th, plus this summer)
-Catholic student leadership program at school (11th grade and next year as well)
-Volunteer to feed homeless people breakfast about once a month (11th grade)
-Chair of speakers committee for an African-American summit hosted at my school. Also organized a toy-drive and raised over 50 toys for a children's hospital by my school!
-Volunteered at a military medical training center for 60 hours (11th grade)
-Volunteered at a charity dinner that sponsors the organization where I feed breakfast to the homeless (11th grade)
-Relay for life (11th grade)
-NOLA service trip- going to Louisiana this summer with a group of kids from school to help build houses for Katrina victims!!!</p>

-12 years of piano lessons
-certified in CPR </p>

<p>Senior year schedule:
AP Language
AP Lit
AP Pyschology
Spanish 4
Intro to Calc</p>

SAT- took in May, not happy with my score..retaking in October for hopefully a 2100
ACT- taking in June, hoping for a 30
Subject tests- Math 2c, Lit, and maybe Math 1 or History for the third test...depends on how I feel on test day; aiming for mid 700s on each.</p>

<p>Plans for college:
Study pre-medicine and major in English. I plan to become an Emergency Room Doctor after college and want to do a lot of volunteer work in Africa.</p>

<p>Yes, you can apply to Cornell as a reach school. Without your full information (scores/specific grades--or how your school's GPA works), I can't really tell how much of a reach it will be for you though.</p>

<p>Yes i think it is a good idea to apply to Cornell, especially if you score around 2100 on the SAT's. Like every ivy, acceptance without a very good GPA is pretty tough, but all your volunteering could sorta be a hook. Just really try for a good SAT score, and i'd say you have a better chance at acceptance than a decent amount of applicants.</p>