Could I catch up in time for a regular junior year?

<p>Instead of starting in the fall as a freshman, I am starting in the summer (personal reasons, family troubles etc.) I want to know if its possible to catch up to take the MCAT in my junior year with all my pre-med requirements. I'm thinking of taking summer classes and doing everything that I can. Is it possible? any advice for me?</p>

<p>Wait a minute, are you starting the summer before your freshman year? If so, then you'll actually be a bit ahead of those who start college that fall.</p>

<p>If you're talking about some other path, you need to be more specific. Will you have a gap year and then start courses the next summer and are worried if you can catch up with your class peers?</p>

<p>One thing that will be quite important is to get in contact with pre-health advising at your college. The content of the MCAT will undergo substantial revision starting in 2015. It will include a broader range of science & math topics as well adding a whole new section on human behavior. This means that medical schools are revising their admission requirements and you will need to keep informed of the changes.</p>


<p>Edited to add:</p>

<p>OK, you're returning to school after a gap year (2 years?) and want to catch up with your HS graduation-year peers. </p>

<p>It will depend. Do you have any AP credits? Any CC credits that will transfer? What's your intended major? What are the academic overload policies at your school? Can you take an above normal courseload and not pay any extra for tuition? Can you afford to attend summer session full time for 2 years in row?Or will you need the summers to earn $$ for school?</p>

<p>One more thing---you're looking to transfer schools. (And you haven't even started yet!) You should be aware that when you change schools, you will often have credits that don't transfer for one reason or another. Even if a transfer doesn't affect your ability to take the MCAT when you want, it could delay your anticipated graduation date. (And you can't start at most med schools unless you can show them your final college transcript which says you've graduated.)</p>

<p>Yes, in another thread the OP expresses a desire to switch from U. of Tampa to UF or FSU. So- WOW mom is correct. You will possibly lose ground and find yourself behind after a transfer so that is a BIG consideration, especially if you are feeling pressure to catch up to where you would have been without taking time off.</p>

<p>Well for one UT is very expensive and two, I am starting the summer after my freshman year or else there would be no point in asking this question.... I will be two semesters behind</p>