Could I get a couple opinions? - Chance me please.

<p>These are my credentials.. What do you think are my chances of getting in?</p>

<p>Sent in by the priority deadline
Unweighted GPA : 3.11
Weighted GPA: 3.84
8 AP Classes haha.</p>

<p>SATS : MATH 690 CR 680 WRITING 650</p>

<p>I have visited the campus. I am out of state as well.
Do you think that will help at all?</p>

-Have coached youth basketball throughout highschool. 100+ hours.
-Worked since Sophomore year, year round.
-Have played varsity Volleyball for 3 years now.
-Investment Club Member
-National Honor Society
-Russian History Club
-Modern China Club
- Have attended multiple service trips with my high school.</p>

Unsure of their weight, but I know they were very unique. Wrote about my
experience as a business owner. I currently run a site offering programs to help Nike Customers buy new release shoes..</p>

They were strong, again not sure of weight. The teachers I asked, I had a pretty good relationship with. </p>

<p>Let me know what you guys think!</p>

<p>Applying Regular. Thanks.</p>

<p>Based on your scores, GPA and extracuriculars, I would say that you have an excellent chance of getting in. Being out of state is probably a benefit, given your attributes.</p>

<p>Appreciate it! Thanks for the insight.</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>