Could I get in with crummy EC's?

<p>Hi, Swarthmore is my first choice, but I'm thinking I probably don't stand much of a chance because my EC's are unimpressive. </p>

<p>White Male, Jewish
Public high school in CA
middle class - upper middle class range</p>

<p>GPA: 3.89 UW
ACT: 33 Composite
SAT: 730 CR 780 M 700 W = 2210 T
SAT Subjects: still need to take</p>

9th grade: Human Geo - 4
10th grade: World History - 5, Chemistry - 4
11th grade: English Lang, Bio, US History (awaiting scores)
12th grade schedule: AP English Lit, AP Stat, AP Physics, AP Psych, AP Spanish Lang, AP Art History</p>

<p>ECs: my weak point. It looks like I was part of a lot, but my commitment to all but lacrosse was minimal.
Roller Hockey Club (we really don't do anything)
Surf Team (joined this so I could take Chinese my sophomore year; it counted as a phys ed credit. Plus I wanted to learn how to surf)
Film Club (didn't really participate...)
Science Fair Club (didn't have time or interest with lacrosse)
Lacrosse grades 9-12: grade 11 team captain, team has gone to and done well at states for three consecutive years; big commitment
Peer Mentor to incoming freshmen during 11th grade
Chemistry tutor (about 6 hours a week) during 10th and 11th grades</p>

<p>On a side note, I've been playing piano since I was 2. It haven't done anything with it, really, but it's an activity that I really enjoy. I think I might write my essay about this. </p>

<p>Essays and Recs: All but one English teacher has liked my writing, and I got pretty close to my science teachers, so I'll probably have decent, if not good, recs. I haven't really started thinking about these yet, though.</p>

<p>Sorry if this wasn't as brief as it could have been. Do I have any chance?</p>

<p>Your academic stats seem quite good, but as you know Swarthmore gets a lot of applications from students whose academic stats are good. Are you interested in playing lacrosse in college? If so, you should contact Swat's lacrosse coach. In my experience, applicants who are both academically qualified and are impact players for an athletic team do pretty well in Swarthmore admissions.</p>

<p>I don't think you have to have an EC that is of the change/save the world variety (although Swarthmore and other similar schools love to see that). Colleges are looking for kids who can make a multi-dimensional contribution to campus life. So they don't want to fill the class with brilliant future academics who will do nothing but study in the library or their dorm room. I think you need to demonstrate that you have something going for you beyond straight academics. I think your ECs are fine, and if you are a fit for the lacrosse program at Swat you should certainly apply.</p>


<p>You should be in touch with the lacrosse coach at Swarthmore. There is a mechanism for recruited varsity athletes to be placed on a "tip" list and gain a signficant advantage in the admissions process. Swarthmore reserves about 15% of each entering class for recruited athletes. </p>

<p>That whole process starts by talking with the relevant coach. I'd start with an e-mail directly to him, introducing yourself and your lacrosse background and asking him for an appropriate next step.</p>

<p>Thank you guys a lot for this idea. I e-mailed the coach last night about having interest in playing in college and am awaiting a response. I at first wasn't certain if I wanted to continue with it in college, but now that I think about it, lacrosse isn't something that I just want to stop doing.</p>

<p>I think you have a chance if you can make a compelling case for yourself in the "Why Swarthmore?" essay.</p>

<p>I'll be applying to Swat too, and I think your ECs are good :D a longer list than mine for sure. Im not sure how far this is really true, but colleges dont look for grocery lists of ECs, something meaningful and significant to the college, but more importantly to you. Again, im not too sure if im right on this either, but they dont care much about certificates either - so i'd say your piano EC is stronger than all others excepting Larcosse, and these two coupled with your tutoring should make for a good case. [I think your undermining your tutoring EC, you can write alot about it, but dont be fake]. Also, I apologize if i'm out of line in saying any of the above, as im in the same boat as you :)</p>

<p>Apply ED, talk to the coach, and write a compelling, sincere "Why Swarthmore?" essay (Endicott is right on point). Based on everything I've read and seen one of the biggest tipping factors is how well your personality meshes with Swarthmore's. If you didn't catch the criteria they're typically looking for in the supplemental then lemme know.. because I remember them from my visit.</p>

<p>Best of luck to you AND to you, goodwood8 :)</p>