Could I get in?

<p>I applied using the 'personalized application', but rushed through the application because of the deadline and I wasn't even going to apply if it weren't for the free app. Now that I've researched the school a little, I'm beginning to regret not spending more time on the application... any feedback?</p>

SAT I (breakdown): Didn't send. Terrible
ACT: 29 (31 E, 24 M, 29 S, 32 R, 8 W)
SAT II: didn't take
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.69
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): n/a
AP (place score in parenthesis): n/a
IB (place score in parenthesis): HL Art, HL Bio, SL World Religions, HL English, SL Math Studies
Senior Year Course Load: very heavy, sucked
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):
Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Key Club, One Stone (school volunteer club), Model UN, cake decorating, etc.
Job/Work Experience: Worked two lifeguarding jobs at the Y and at a country club this past summer, babysat a lot throughout high school
Volunteer/Community service: St. Lukes hospital volunteer, worked at a preschool for developmentally challenged kids, boys and girls club, random projects for clubs
Summer Activities: work
Essays: wrote about backpacking in the Sawtooths for the first time, it was an okay essay. didn't write a lot for the 'why tulane' as I saw the 'optional' as literally optional, but I still wrote a brief paragraph about their bio program/community service opportunities
Teacher Recommendation: N/A
Counselor Rec: Great, I know he would say good things
Additional Rec: Teachers I asked to write them liked me
Interview: N/A
Applied for Financial Aid?: Yes, need-based
Intended Major: Biology
State (if domestic applicant): Idaho
Country (if international applicant): USA
School Type: Private, international baccalaureate
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Income Bracket: Don't know
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):</p>

<p>Honestly, at this point, if you didn't really show a ton of love for Tulane in your "why Tulane?" essay, you'll probably not stand much of a chance.</p>

<p>Well, thanks for the honesty, haha.</p>

<p>Just for anyone's reference as far as Tulane acceptance for people who had doubts (such as myself), I was accepted RD on Monday! Good luck to everyone else who applied!</p>