Could I get into an Ivy?? (Int. student)

<p>Hello everyone!</p>

<p>I jst posted this already and then realized I wasn't logged in...crap!</p>

<p> I go again!</p>

<p>I am a German grad student looking to see if I could or could not get into an Ivy or should refrain from trying even.:) Be honest with me, it's not gonna crush everything. :)</p>

- Converted GPA probably 3.7 (we don't really have that,therefore converted)</p>

<h2>- Probably in the best 5-10% of my graduating class</h2>

- all kinds of dancing since I was 5, ballet, hip hop, jazz,show, latin ballroom competitive and dance instructor</p>

<p>Extracurricular (It's HARD to get involved here as it's not very common at all):</p>

<p>High school:
Graduation ceremony committee
Graduation speech committee
Debate club
Music club (Choir with focus on musicals)
Musical organization committee
Tutoring club</p>

MTP- Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis (Marketing in Theory and Practition) -organizing Guest Lectures, Workshops and Company Presentations
Graduation Events Committee
International students' mentoring committee</p>

<p>Exchange college:
International Club
German Club - founder member and chair, organization committee
German-American exchange program ambassador</p>

<p>Other (plus, maybe?):
-Speak 5 langagues (Gemran English Italian French Spanish no idea if tha's a plus?)
- Many interestes, many jobs nanny,babysitter, teaching assistant, tutor, dance instructor, model,hostess, promoter, sales, instructor at community college ...just listing everything here
- have my own company (provides families with tutors and vice versa)
-work as freelance photographer
- lived abroad twice
- I know schools are looking for diversity, so maybe my nationality would work for me? (No minority though- ethnically white)
-Was offered a TAship from German dept. at my exchange school (UofFlorida) without even applying, something that exchange students normally couldn't do
-millions of interests
- volunteering to teach preschool English</p>

<p>Other (minus, maybe?)
- haven't really had great grades at high school and in undergrad
- Parents do have money- therefore probably not eligible for scholarships? (probably won't support me though)
-Done lots of things, but lack of written proof (not common here)</p>

<p>My current program is one with a degree called 'Diplom'. Now that we're converting to the Bachelor/Maser sytsem,it's always rated as high as a Master's in here. As in this job requires a Diplom or Master degree. It's also is the degree you have to have for a doctoral degree after. Not sure how the acceptance in the States is though. It takes 5-6 years and high school took 13 (they changed that, too).
I am thinking of the following options: </p>

<li>get a Master's or PhD in business education </li>
<li>in education</li>
<li>in German language &literature</li>
<li>Journalism, tv production or anything related
Yes I know, my interest are very broad.</li>

<p>I figure it would be easier to get into departments like the German dept., because business will be far more popular?Right?</p>

<p>How tough is the workload at an ivy really?</p>

<p>THANK YOU!</p>