could i get into cornell or johns hopkins with these grades?

<p>about me:
i took some high school classes in middle school and slacked off so my gpa isnt as high as i would like, but i have straight a's since sophmore year. :D
White Male
Live in Maryland
Pretty wealthy neighborhood
One of the most respected school systems in the nation (montgomery county)</p>

<p>gpa: 3.83 UW/ 4.65 W </p>


<p>9th grade
honors US History
honors Algebra 2
honors Chemistry
honors Spanish 4
honors English 9
Foundations of Technology (required)
Gym (required)</p>

<p>10th grade
AP Spanish Language
AP Biology (double period)
Honors Precalculus
Honors English 10
Honors Physics</p>

<p>11th grade
AP English 11
AP World History
AP BC Calculus
Honors Molecular Genetics (double period)
Retake first semester honors spanish 4, second semester honors geometry
Digital Art (requirement)</p>

<p>12th grade (classes im signed up for)
AP English 12
AP Psychology
Honors Multivariable Calculus/Differential Equations
Honors Anatomy
AP Chemistry (double period)
Jazz band or AP Environmental Science if i dont make it</p>

<p>As your can see my junior year i re-took the first semester of a spanish class and the second semester of geometry. those are two classes i slacked off in and got C's (my only C's) so i retook them and got A's. </p>

Varsity Hockey 2 years (hopefully captain next year)
Varsity Baseball 2 years
Medical Masterminds 3 years
Biology Club 3 years
Debate Team 3 years
Model UN 3 years
Guitar outside of school</p>

2320 (780 Math, 780 Reading, 760 Critical Writing)</p>

Mathematics Level 2 (770)
Biology M (790)
Literature (770)</p>

<p>Extra Information:
I got a special award from my school for a tremendous amount of community service hours, i had nearly 300
I am in my schools Math, Technology, and Science Academy, its not very prestegious but we do get an extra tassel at graduation</p>

<p>if you could tell me if i could get into an ivy league or ivy-level school that would be great. im hoping to major in biology minor in psychology and go into med school. (i look way to far ahead into the future, its just who i am) thanks!</p>

<p>i also have one of the most rigorous schedules in my class, but my school doesnt do rankings so im not sure where i go. hopefully top 10%</p>

<p>I think you have a good chance at Johns Hopkins and Cornell. Most colleges do not look harshly at grades from freshman year or before. You have great test scores and good ECs. Just make sure you set yourself apart from the crowd with your essays. </p>

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anyone else want to weigh in?</p>

<p>I can't say it's guaranteed or anything, obviously, but you definitely have a great chance - I got in to Johns Hopkins with a 3.76 UW (from a very competitive school), and like you, my grades were all As (with 1 exception) after my first semester freshman year. My test scores weren't quite as great as yours (slightly lower). Anyway, your schedule, class rank, and scores look great, so I wouldn't worry. Just focus on the application/essays now, and try not to stress to much, even if that seems impossible at the moment ;)</p>

<p>idk how competitive your schools are, but you should have a shot at both</p>