Could I Get Into Fordham With Some Low Grades?

I want to apply early decision to Fordham University. I go to a MAJOR feeder private high school that sends TONS of kids to Fordham. However, I struggle in certain subjects. Freshman year in honors English, I got a C, and a C- in algebra. I also got a D in chemistry sophomore year, and am ending my junior year with a C+ in algebra 2. However, I show great overall improvement, and am taking 2 APs and two honors next year. I also have very strong ECs, on top of my one AP class and one Honors Latin class from this current year. If I get my test scores up, would I have a shot of getting in? I should also mention that I am not applying for financial aid.

88 on 100 point scale. Roughly a 3.4/4.0 unweighted
Of Slavic descent. (Bilingual)
My parents are immigrants without a college degree. They also come from a communist country, and had to escape war times to come to the USA.

Boys’ State
EMS Responder
Model UN/JSA
Piano/Jazz Band
Capital Data (Stock Analyst) for a professional company
Starbucks employee
Vice President of International Club
Co-Lead prayer anchor for my entire school

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Give it a shot. You have many things going for you.

I will tell you that my nephew was turned down at Fordham despite the fact that he was a very good student with high test scores and went to a NYC Catholic high school, despite the fact that he was a legacy, despite the fact that his older sister went there, and despite the fact that he is a POC. When his father, a Fordham alum, called to ask why, the explanation was that he had a one D on his transcript from freshman year in high school.

I hope that Fordham doesn’t do that any more because they missed out on an URM who was a great student at another college. But that was his experience in applying there.


If you go to a feeder school, then your guidance counselor should be able to judge what your chances are. It never hurts to apply, but make sure you have more realistic schools on your list too.