Could i get into georgia tech?

<p>Could i get into georgia tech?-read all of this please
My gpa is a little lower than a 3.2 like a 3.16 i think... Let me explain: my freshman and sophomore year i could have cared less about school. Like seriously... I failed two classes my sophomore year and paid hell for it. Going into junior year i had a 2.4... Yeh. But i worked my *** off to raise it to where it is. Junior year i had no clue what a "b" was and didnt settle for less than a 90-92 pulling a 4.0 both semesters and taking several online classes as well as credit recovery to make up some failed classes. (getting an A in all of those as well.)
I never took ap until senior year... Once i got to senior year i took several including 4th year language aka AP french.
Testing wise i got about a 2300 on the sat... I am a smart person i just dont apply myself when needed...
I had some extracurricular stuff too. Was on varsity tennis three years, did latin club, mock trial(debate), environmental club and interned at an insurance office for work. I do have some community service hours as well. I know im leaving out some clubs, ill post later. </p>

<p>People tell me colleges look for improvement which i think i have seriously displayed.. What are your thoughts? Do colleges look mostly at junior year? Thats where i shined... If you have any advice on what else i might do to make myself look better PLEASE POST!</p>

<p>Thanks everyone..</p>

<p>Also forgot to mention i have attended summer camps and other "get-ahead" events on their campus. Also i heard being a minority helps to get in idk if its true but im an in-state minority.</p>

<p>I think you have a good chance. I applied Early admission and I find out on friday if I got in. I too have an upward trend, but not one as good as yours. My freshmen year I had a C and 2 Bs because I was still recovering from Brain surgery that I had to correct my epilepsy. The next year I only made one B and Junior year nad most likely senior year I've had all As. The rigor of my classes has improved a lot too. I didn't take any AP classes until 11th grade because my school only offers like 10. I'll have 3 by the time I graduate. Godd luck to us both.</p>