Could I get into MIT?

<p>Do I have a good shot at acceptance?</p>

<p>GPA Unweighted: 4.00
Weighted: 4.4</p>

<p>Spanish 4 Years, Finishing with AP Spanis
Math 4 Years: Honors Math, finishing with AP Calculus
English 4 Years: Honors English, finishing with AP English
Science 5 Years: Science Processes, Biology, Honors Physics, Honors Chemistry, AP Biology
Social Studies/History 4 Years: Global Studies, Honors Foreign Studies, AP US History</p>

<p>Additional APs:
AP Music Theory
AP Phycology </p>

Math: 800
Reading: 780
Writing: 740</p>

<p>SAT Subject:
Math 1: 800
Math 2: 780</p>

Class President
4 Years of Sports
New Student Ambassador
Sparrow Club Member
Key Club Member
National Recognition for Math accomplishment </p>

<p>Do I have good chances?</p>

<p>No one here, not even me, can give you an accurate chance. </p>

<p>The best thing you can do is: do the best you can do, and apply this fall.</p>

<p>Good stats, but Doesn't MIT require a Science SAT Subject Test? You have taken just math 1 and 2.</p>