could i get into PSU main ?

hiii so my dream school is Penn State main and I knew my chances at first were kinda low. But now that they went test optional, I wondered if maybe I had a better chance? And also I was even wondering if I should send scores? also i think i want to study human resources!! Thanks, here are my stats!!

small md public school
took mostly all honors, one ap, and taking two de classes.
got into school of tech for CNA (couple colleges take credit for it but not Penn State).
weighted gpa: 3.6
unweighted: 3.25
act score: 22
ap bio score: 3
10-11 Fall varsity cheer, 10-11 Winter varsity cheer, cheer captain, 10 varsity track.

yeahh I know I’m not really that smart and i’m way below penn state standards but I really love the school and also I think I have a very unique essay topic but everyone tells me penn state doesn’t even look at extra circulars nor essays soooo lol who knows. thanks everyone!!

Apply DUS and put the option summer start but DUS alone should be fine for fall