Could I get into Rice?

<p>We are getting re-ranked next week, but I was 37/530 in December, and I'm guessing that my rank improved.
-I made a 35 on the ACT (36s, 32m, 35w, 35r)
-213 on the PSAT, so commended but probably not national merit
-I'm an officer of NHS, 4H, Interact, and cross country
-I took 3 AP's last year (junior) and am taking 6 next year. (I did dual credit for my history courses)
-4 years cross country, 2 years varsity (Senior Captain)
-3 years of track
-4 years of FFA and 8 of 4H
-I had a part-time job for a year, full time during the summer
etc, etc</p>

<p>I want to major in biochem/pre-med or pre-vet
I'm not dead-set on Rice or anything but I was wondering how I'd stack up. I'm looking at some out-of-state schools next week so if anyone has ideas where I might be able to get a scholarship please let me know! I'm looking in the south. (I'm looking at Georgia Tech, UNC, Vanderbilt, etc)</p>

<p>UT-Austin is your safety if you maintain or improve your rank, but what GPA is behind that rank? Because GA Tech, UNC and Vanderbilt are schools where class rank is reviewed in the context of a GPA…</p>

<p>@Catria My school doesn’t calculate our 4-point for whatever reason but I calculated it out to 3.93, unweighted</p>

<p>Rice: High match
UNC-CH: High match
Vanderbilt: Reach
GA Tech: Low match</p>

<p>If you can either write two stellar essays (Paul Tulane Award) or do something creative with a 3x3 box (Deans’ Honor Award) then Tulane is not only a match, you can also win a full-tuition scholarship.</p>

<p>Rice and UNC as high matches. GA Tech as a match. Vandy as a low reach.</p>