Could I get into Swarthmore ED?

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.781
I have never gotten bellow an -A through all of high school.
I have taken all the most challenging courses available to me. </p>

<p>SAT--Math: 690 Critical Reading: 690 Writing: 680.
I just took a second SAT this month and expect the score to increase somewhat (if that makes any difference).</p>

<p>SAT II: Bio-760, Math II-N/A (I'm taking it in November and yes I realize it will be past the ED deadline. I pray that they'll still accept it.)</p>

<p>Rank: 14/500
My school is not appealing to colleges whatsoever.</p>

I am president and founder of a school stock market club. (Since Junior year)
I am an editor for the school newspaper. (Since Senior year)
I am a journalist for the school newspaper. (Since Freshman year)
I have done over 50 hours of community service Junior year.
I have done about 20 hours of tutoring Junior year.
I am an active member of the school computer club. (Since Sophomore year)
I am competing in the Cyber Patriot competition Senior year.
I have done a Moot Court competition sophomore year where I reached the semi-finals against 32 other schools/teams.
I worked as a part time life guard sophomore year.</p>

<p>I have fenced for over 6 years, but not competitively.
I ran track sophomore year.
I played JV tennis junior year.
I intend to join the swim team senior year.</p>

<p>I have received a school Scholar Athlete Award and AP Scholar Award.
I am a member of the National Honor Society.</p>

<p>it looks as if you have plenty of good ECs, most of which are very unique. </p>

<p>your SAT I’s appear low; hopefully you will improve by a good enough margin.</p>

<p>with strong essays, i would say you have as decent a shot as any to a place like swat.</p>

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