Could I make it?

<p>I am currently a junior in high school and would LOVE to attend Boston College. My SAT scores are pretty moderate, not outstanding:
Writing - 660
Math - 680
Reading - 580
My grades are much better though, as I have always made High Honors, and my schedule contains many AP and Honors classes. I am involved in my school and community, and also have strong alumni affiliation with the school. I guess I am just wondering if I have a shot to get in or it I should start to focus more on schools that are more realistic for my achievements. Thanks!</p>

<p>A sub-600 CR is low for all competitive schools like BC. Suggest a retake, or try the ACT.</p>

<p>Bluebayou is right; that sub-600 CR score would definitely put you near the bottom of BC's applicant pool. Take the SAT again and try to get that score up or try the ACT, as many students do much better on one than the other.</p>