Could I transfer into Wisconsin-Madison with a 3.3?

<p>I suppose this depends on whatever program I'm wanting to transfer into? I want to transfer into Wisconsin-Madison for computer engineering, but I only have a 3.3 GPA at a community college in Missouri. I feel like I've dropped the ball when it comes to grades. I should have had a 4.0 at this place, I didn't take easy classes but I didn't take many particularly hard ones either. Most courses are lower level anyway. I only recently found that I want to major in comp. eng., and I'm good at math so I've been super motivated this semester. Though I feel that this (low C.C. GPA) will be a set back for me.</p>

<p>If you took challenging cc classes with solid teachers then 3.3 is not considered low but slightly above average among a majority of students for 100+ years. A 3.3 is the borderline of a low A threshold of an A minus average. Wishful thinking and making excuses now claiming you should have got a 4.0 comes across as a bit silly to me. If you properly prepare and get all your necessary pre-reqs done and show promise of being able to generally get a B or better in your major and complete your bachelors, that is what schools primarily look for. Try to get a 3.5 or better if can but even more important is to not lower than a 3.1 if possible.</p>