Could it still be helpful to take the ACT again?

<p>I took it at the beginning of this month, expecting it to be my last time, and just got my scores back. I went up one point, making a 26 composite, with a 30 in English, a 24 in Math, a 26 in Reading, and a 25 in Science. This score is okay, but I'd still like to do better, maybe a 28. Even though most college applications have to be in at the beginning or middle of January, would it be beneficial still go ahead and take it again in February? I'd really like a 28. All the times I've taken it I've done very little to almost no studying or preparation. Do you think if really buckle down and study hard this month and take practice tests I'll do better?</p>

<p>I know I should've down this a long time ago, but I'm a terrible procrastinator and all of these deadlines just kind of crept up on me lol.</p>

<p>Buckle down and write flawless essays that have been scrutinized and show your true character. Now is not the time, in my opinion, to worry about the trifle of a point or two. Happy writing! ACT scores can grow for some and stay the same for others… I still don’t think that point is going to make or break you, but if it will help you sleep at night it might be worth it.</p>

<p>You’re in my boat! :wink: I took the ACT twice before the December one and I didn’t study for either of those. I somewhat prepped for this month’s SAT, which sort of helped me prepare for the ACT (fingers crossed).
All I can say is, taking practice tests and/or reviewing the subjects’ material can work wonders! Definitely try it again as long as you “study” for it this time around. Good luck! :)</p>