Could not self-report AP scores in time!


I’ve had some problems with my collegeboard account and unfortunately could not gain access back to it until the 3rd of November, 2 days after I submitted the rest of my application to my early action school. I’ve taken a lot of APs so while I got 4s and 5s on all of them, I couldn’t remember exactly which subjects I got a 4 for, and I didn’t want to report incorrectly. I sent them an email explaining my situation and a list of my scores, but I’m worried if they’ll add the scores to my file. Does anyone if they usually consider this?

Thank you!

If they won’t accept them from you at this point, they would probably accept the official ones. You would have to pay to have them sent. I think worst case you would be considered RD instead of ED. You could call the admissions office and ask.

You are likely fine. This isn’t some back room where email gets dumped in piles. Your scores will be added to your file. Either the email scanned into your file as an extra or the details entered into the right data box. They will see them.

Main thing is, you sent them. No need to worry this swaps you to RD.

They’ll accept updates; let’s not make the kid freak out even more by incorrectly suggesting that the application would be moved to RD because an optional piece was not completed on time.

I remember e-mailing the WashU admissions office to fix errors in my application (including an AP test score that was reported incorrectly). I think that you will be fine if you ask them to add the self-reported scores for you (they will ask you for the official score report upon being admitted, anyways – they aren’t worried about you potentially lying your way into the school because they’ll rescind your admission if you are).

Oh, duh! You’re correct. Those are optional scores. OP didn’t say where he was applying, so given the sense of urgency I guess I assumed he might have used APs lieu of subject test scores.

Thank you to everyone who responded! I feel a bit better about this whole situation now :slight_smile: