Could Quinn get in?

<p>Just saw the new episode of "Glee." I'm wondering (since I think so much about Yale it just sort of happened) if she would have a chance at getting in? She hasn't seem super academic in the past, but then again, neither did Mike and apparently he's a stereotypical overachiever. The Glee passion and maybe even the pregnancy might give her an interesting sort of appeal.</p>

<p>Seriously - it's a TV Show. It's like asking if Rory got in because she was a legacy in Gilmore Girls...</p>

<p>Serena from Gossip Girl got in because she would give Yale good publicity hahaha.</p>

<p>Well yes everything works out in TV shows. But I mean realistically would Quinn have a chance? If the Yale in the Glee universe was the same as ours, or if Quinn existed as is in the real world. Also: applying to the same college as a character in a TV show during the same year feels so fourth wall..</p>

<p>COULD she get in IRL? Probably not.</p>

<p>But I bet the script writers give her an acceptance. Of course this would come after an episode in which she's faced with choosing between attending regionals or an alumni interview. Or something like that.</p>


<p>In the original Gossip Girl books, Serena's college visiting trip is a complete hoot. She visits Harvard, Brown, and Yale, and cuts a pretty wide swath through all of them, wrapping around her finger (and wrapping their sheets around her) a cute STEM nerd at Harvard, an art professor at Brown, and all of the Whiffenpoofs.</p>

<p>Oh wow this thread just got linked to in the YDN! That's so crazy.. Also: Quinn and I have the same life now! Aaaah!</p>

<p>Well supposedly in Glee, Quinn is a straight A student, cheerleader (head cheerleader), leader and founder of the Chastity club (or whatever it was called), I believe Student Council Pres at one point.and in Glee Club that won regionals and nationals or what ever it is they won (I only watch it occasionally). If she could spin her teen pregnancy into an incredible essay, life lesson thing, along with stellar SAT's then Yes, Quinn could be accepted to Yale.</p>

<p>That's what happened, as it turns out. She wrote something about "facing the adversity of her pregnancy while maintaining straight As." Along with the reasons you mentioned, definitely more plausible than certain other television characters making it in.</p>

<p>I obviously need to get a life. I read somewhere amidst the Glee Spoilers that Quinn DOES get into Yale, but she damned well NOT better get my son's spot for the Class of 2016! ;)</p>