Could someone chance me please?

<p>My parents encouraged me to apply to Barnard, but I’m not sure how competitive I’d be in terms of admissions. Could someone please chance me?</p>

<p>School: Competitive public (#100 on Newsweek ranking, #250 on Washington Post)
State: TN
Race/Gender: Asian Female</p>

<p>GPA: 3.7 UW, 4.26 W
SAT I: 800 CR, 780 M, 780 W
ACT: 35
SAT II: 800 US History, 750 Bio E, 730 Math II
Rank: Top 8%</p>

<p>AP Classes: Completed 6, passed 7 AP tests (AP Euro - 5, AP English Lit - 5, AP Calc -3, APUSH - 5, AP Physics - 3, AP Bio -5, AP Lang - 4)</p>

<p>Senior year schedule:</p>

<p>AP Econ/Gov
AP Spanish V
AP Psych
AP Stat
Anatomy Honors
Great Books (Standard-level class, but I think I can get a rec letter from teacher explaining what it is)</p>

<p>Also taking Geography and Philosophy through dual enrollment. </p>

<p>Additionally, I took three college classes during the summer, with two through Governor’s School summer program (Religion, Music) and another through dual enrollment (Microeconomics). Got A’s in all three classes.</p>


<li>Debate team (“Technical adviser” - in charge of handling evidence and stuff)</li>
<li>Quiz Bowl team (Restarted team, Captain)</li>
<li>Volunteered 150 hours at Youth Encouragement Services, program that works with at-risk, inner-city kids</li>
<li>Peer Tutor, 100 hours</li>
<li>Youth In Government Club - Attended Youth Legislature four years and Model UN two years, have positions (Blue Hour Floor Leader for Youth Leg, part of Secretariat for Model UN)</li>
<li>Played Cello, six years</li>
<li>“Resume adviser”</li>
<li>Math Team/Mu Alpha Theta (Uhhh…wrote prealgebra test. Also won a fairly prestigious math award by scoring in the" top 50" out of 600 test takers.)</li>


<li>National Merit Semi-Finalist</li>
<li>National Spanish Exam Gold Award (95% and above) - three years</li>
<li>Selected for TN’s Governor’s School for the Humanities (< 25% acceptance rate)</li>
<li>Top 5 in National History Bee for TN</li>
<li>Top 10% for school during last three years</li>
<li>AP Scholar with Distinction (lol)</li>


<p>Downward trend. ): I had an incredibly rough year last year, unfortunately. I am planning on making this up through my midyear reports. If they don’t reject me before then, that is.</p>

<p>You seem very well-qualified to me. It all depends on how you portray yourself in your essays, of course. I am sure you will attend a wonderful school next year...and your "chances" at Barnard seem to me to be as good as any.</p>

<p>Best to you!</p>