Could Someone Chance Me

<p>Hi, could someone chance me as an incoming freshman for the UW for fall quarter 2012. I have a 3.68 unweighted GPA, two years of honors classes, 2 AP classes, a summer UW biology course and a year of running start. If you take out my first semester of high school I'd have a 3.8+ GPA. I scored a 2010 on the SAT (600 writing, 630 math and 780 reading) and I was the editor in chief of my school newspaper. I'm also a seven time varsity athlete for my school's cross country and track teams. I have some other, minor athletic awards aside and I've also participated in a couple clubs. I have about 50 hours of community service.</p>

<p>Overall I feel like I'm on the bubble. If anyone could help me understand my chances better I'd really appreciate it. I've already been accepted to several other schools and I'm not sure if I should really start pursuing them or if I should wait for March to roll around.</p>

<p>Why take out first semester? Colleges consider upward grade trends so even if you did poorly at the start of high school, it wouldn't matter that much if you improved later on. You have a Ok chance of getting it, goodluck!</p>