Could someone help me with my 250 word NJCU college app

<p>I have been out of school for five years but yearn a college education. Would someone be willing to go over this essay for me. It may not be very good and I apologize for that. I can take hard criticism. Let me have it! </p>

<p>Also one thing i should point out. It is only a 250 word max essay. And the format that i pasted is not the format it's in. I have it double spaced, font size 10, TNR.</p>

<p>A Second Chance</p>

<p>People always tell me how bold and intelligent I am. Yet I still am seeking academic redemption for doing poorly in high school. It wasn’t that I was not capable of doing the work, I was just young and na</p>

<p>There is a forum specifically for essays. There is a 'sticky thread' at the top of the essay forum, as well as the main college admissions forum, that talks about posting essays and sensitive information. You may want to read that.
Good luck.</p>

<p>I'm sorry... i wasn't even thinking. Well I now posted in the appropriate forum. Thank you for your help =]</p>

<p>No worries. It wasn't so much the 'right' forum, you may get more feedback there. I did want to point out the thread regarding posting essays if you had not read it.
I'd offer help regarding your essay but I think there are others here that are really very, very good at that and I'll leave it to them.
Again, good luck to you!! :)</p>