Could someone please help me to improve my application for EA next year?

<p>I am rising senior from Virginia (NOVA):</p>

<p>projected UW: 3.57
projected W: 4.0-4.1
* note about GPA: my grades have had a significant upward trend: W GPA's- 9th: 3.8 10th: 4.2 (w/ 2 ap's) 11th: 4.47 (with 4 ap's)</p>

<h1>of Ap's: 6 (signed up for 5 more senior year), this is one of the more challenging courses</h1>

<p>Grades is APs: AP World-A, AP Comp Sci- B+, AP US-A, AP Lang-A, AP Chem-B, Stat-A
SAT: 2020 super scored (670 CR, 720 M)
SAT US History: 780
SAT Math Level 2: 770
SAT Biology: 780
Significant EC's + Awards:
Founder and President of the History Honor Society
Member of NHS, Math Honor Society, and Science Honor Society
3rd Place Regional Science Fair
Internship with NASA (VASTS program)
2 month research in India in biotechnology (i will conduct my studies this summer and will apply for siemens)
Lots of hours community service at hospital</p>

<p>guys sooo do you think I would be competitive in EA next year? Ill retake my SAT to try improving it soooo adivce would be greatly appreciated</p>

<p>Your ECs and Subject Tests look pretty solid. If I were you, I'd focus on raising your SAT scores and continuing the upward trend in your GPA.</p>

<p>Actually, I have the same SAT score and still get in. Of course, if you can raise your score, it will be the best. However, I want to note that the essay matters A LOT, at least in my case.</p>

<p>GPA and SAT are a little low, even with the upward trend.</p>