Could Stony Brook be my safety school?

I am a NY girl going into my junior year of high school looking to double major in comp sci/mechanical engineering.

I’ve gotten almost straight A’s/A-'s (one B+ freshman year in an AP course) and my GPA (unweighted and weighted) is about a 3.9. I’ve taken all honors courses with two APs so far (got a 4 on chem and 5 on history) and for the next two years I plan on taking 5 AP courses each year.

My SAT is a 1550 (CR 790 and Math 760) and ACT composite is a 34.

My EC’s are XC/TF freshman year and robotics sophomore year onward. My robotics team made it to the world championship this year (which is more like nationals if you look at the number of international teams, but is still really good). I’m also involved in my school’s philosophy club.

I’ve taken 3 subject tests (world history, chem, and math I) and scored decently on all of them. My bottom line is, could SBU realistically be my safety school? If not, what schools could be my safeties? I really don’t want to apply to more schools than necessary, but my first choices are very difficult to get into and I don’t want to end up not getting in anywhere!

Thanks so much for your time.