Could you please chance me (not sure where to apply)

I am a Peruvian girl who is interested in science (btw will this help me - I’ve heard sometimes this helps)

General information about me:
Gender: Female
Race/ethnicity: Hispanic
Country: Peru
Type of school: Private
I come from a middle income family

Intended Major: Chemistry

SAT: I have not take it yet. I plan to get around 1400-1500

UW GPA: 4.0
W GPA: not sure

HL. English A Language and Literature: 5/7
HL. Spanish A Language and Literature: 6/7
Math Analysis and Approaches: 7/7
HL. Chemistry: 7/7
Physics: 7/7
Psychology: 6/7

(Not sure what exactly counts as an award for college)
I did the FCE (First certificate in English) and got an A (CEFR level is C1)
I took two french exams and got good grades
I got an award (in my school) for effort in psychology and academic achievement in chemistry
I did a science (group) competition about research (international) and got two awards related to science engagement in my community
I was second place at a national track and field competition

Track and field: I did it though all high school, won a second place in a national
During relays (4 x 100) I was kind of the leader. I trained by myself and spend a lot of summers training.
Science research: I was a member (kind of a leader - unofficial)
I spend a lot of hours at this, but only did it for a year.
Event organizer: I help organize two events, one virtual and another in person
About 400-500 people attended the virtual event from all around the country. I was a member overall, but we divided the work in teams and I was part of two teams, for one I was a member and a leader of another team. I did this two years, and I think I might do it this year
Student representative:
I was elected as one of the 10 representatives of my prom. We (all the student representatives) did a lot of activities, like mental health talks, integration for proms, etc.
I did community service here and there. I organized a food collection and help with an audiobook.

(List of colleges, ED/EA/RD, etc; List one school of each safety/match/reach!)

  • Safety: I don’t know - could you please recommend me some
  • Match: Same as safety
  • Reach: Cornell, Georgia tech, University of Chicago, Northwestern and Purdue

Matches and reaches should be schools your stats are in the 75th percentile or above with a high acceptance rate. I’m not sure what you are looking for in a campus but try some less selective state flagships like the University of Tennesee Knoxville for safeties. Matches could be schools like Mount Holyoke, Bucknell, and WPI.

For potential high matches, look into Bryn Mawr and Grinnell. For reaches, look into the well-funded NESCACs.