Could you please help me in selecting a Univ for my MS in MIS


<p>[ I'm Nikhil. I was searching on the Internet for some help, and I found you guys. You seem to be really helping eachother : )]</p>

<p>I'm an International student from India wishing to pursue my Masters in Management Information systems. ( MS in MIS). Basically, I'm looking for a Course on Project management with Information security concentration. As there are very few colleges which offer such course ( I found only one), I've decided to apply for MIS in other universities. I still prefer MS in Project management with Information security.
I'm searching for few (around 4 or five) univs to which I can apply to.</p>

<p>Since I belong to a poor family, my only preference is to complete my Masters with very low investment, in a mid-cize city or big-town so that I can find a part-time job to support myself. A well funded univ is obviously my choice. I really don't want to get into top univs and spend lot of money on tuition.</p>

<p>My profile:
Academics - 61.14% ( It's just above average)
Work experience - 2 years as software engineer in startups.
TOEFL: 105
GRE: Expecting somewhere around 1200-1300. (Quant, expecting between 750-800. will have a pretty low verbal score I guess)
Others: I'm a national netball player in my country, I speak 3 languages fluently,and my french is pretty good. Been involved in quite a few extracurricular activities.</p>

<p>I would be really happy if you need more info about me or my preferences</p>

<p>Thank you in advance.</p>

<p>I'm looking for the spring 2011 ( Jan'2011) admissions in USA.
In case if it is not possible to get some aid in spring semester, I really need it from my second semester, fall.</p>

<p>You might want to go to the graduate school forums. They may know more about what schools have your desired program, and who might offer you aid. Most schools I know of don't have very good aid for Master's programs, but have great aid for people wishing to get their doctorate. You'll have to peruse individual schools' websites/figure out after you apply what their aid situation is.</p>

<p>Thank you chsowlflax.. I posted it in Graduate school forum. But I really am not looking for research.</p>