Could you possibly chance me?

I'm from Illinois.
Sociology/Economics going in Declared Sociology.</p>

<p>I've been in all honors/AP english classes my school offered.
5 years of English.
4 years H. Science.
3 Years of math, taken through calc.
3 Years of Art
3+ Years of Social Science.</p>

<p>Rank: 187/500
SAT: 670M/670CR/620Wr
ACT: 33 Superscored it'll be a 34
Good recs, good essay
GPA: 3.3
Debate Team, Art Club, Dance.</p>

<p>I've also gotten my grades up significantly this year, getting a 4.1 for quarter, which should round up my semester and thus my cum GPA.</p>

<p>I am also not applying for FA.</p>

<p>Please keep in mind that I'm from the Midwest and had to drive an hour to take the SAT the on time I took it, and that my scores were not offically submitted.</p>

<p>33 translates roughly to a 2100</p>

<p>Very good shot. Lower than average GPA, but your scores and class rigor make up for it.
I'd say you are a match!</p>

<p>Thank you! The essay I submitted was the one Common App forced me to. You know how they freeze everything once you've submitted one app, and I just learend how to fix it. So I'm less then pleased with the essay they have, but hopefully they will over look it.
I still have to finish the supplement and I should be set.</p>

<p>Yeah you look good. I'm applying reg too probably. And my scores are def not as high lol.</p>