could you recommend a good electrontic dictionary?

<p>could you recommend a good electronic dictionary?
do you have electronic dctionarry?
if you feel good about it, could you tell me what brand you have?</p>

<p>Sure but I got mine in China. It's named "Comet" if it helped by any means. I used to use another brand in my international school. After I went abroad, I bought "Comet," which includes both english and french translation. I lost it a year later (I stopped taking French then) and was surprised that I didn't need an english electronic dictionary at all. Most of the times your computer is right by your side, and it's much quicker and more precise to search on the computer. I trust on-line dictionaries when im doing serious literature studies; other times I refer to my off-line translator. I do have time to use my old electronic dictionary during class in my international school because it is designed to create a more laid-back environment. We had 80-min. classes which practically includes 40-min materials, but in an actual american high school, classes are tightened-up, especially if you plan to take some high-level courses. You won't have time to use one as a translator or look up a word in a "dictionary." Either way I don't consider an electronic dictionary necessary, but that's just me.</p>

<p>Yeah, I can't imagine that a stand-alone dictionary would be better than a smartphone or laptop.</p>

<p>Professors often will not permit the use of electronic dictionaries in class.</p>