Coumbia ED Question!!!

Hi, I applied ED to Columbia last week through the Common App. I was wondering if anyone has received any word from about his or her application having been received? I haven’t gotten any kind of email or information yet as to whether they have received my application or not but the Common App says I’ve successfully submitted my application. I guess I’m just nervous. Please let me know if you have received anything yet. Also, my high school puts ACT scores on our transcripts, so I emailed Columbia to ask whether they accept that as official or not, but got no reply, so I went ahead and ordered an official score report from ACT and sent it to Columbia on November 2. Is that okay? Thanks.

I recieved an email Monday saying that they got my application and gave me an ID number to track my application when the time is available.

I got a confirmation email and an interview notification two days after.

I just got an email today.