Counselor rec


<p>I have sent my EA app a week before the deadline. I got my PIN# 2-3 days ago. In my account, it says that I am missing Secondary School/Dean Report. But it says that they have received my recommendations.
I know that my counselor rec has been sent. I was suspecting whether the Secondary School/ Dean Report is for transfers or it is the same as counselor rec?
I have sent the admission office an e-mail, but they have replied me with a general information e-mail.</p>

<p>Which one is it? And what should I do if my counselor rec is not sent yet?</p>

<p>If it makes you feel better, all my recs were sent out on the same day (to the best of my knowledge). My teacher ones were filed very early, but the counselor recs one took a few extra days. </p>


<p>/pet peeve</p>

<p>Harvard has a supplement for the counselor to fill out in addition to the usual common app Counselor's evaluation. Did you give that to your counselor?</p>

Yes, my counselor has sent the supplement...I am going to call them today...</p>