Counselor report/recommendation

<p>My apologies if this has been fully answered before. If so, please someone post a link.</p>

<p>My question is how much does the counselor's report/recommendation matter? My public high school has 4000 kids and exactly 3 counselors. They are busy dealing with kids flunking out of school and breaking out in fights in the hall. Each year I meet my counselor for three seconds so he can sign off on my course requests. I know my teachers well and I already have 2-3 in mind to ask for recommendations.</p>

<p>Uhh,my situation is probabaly kind of similar as you.I think teacher or counselor recommendations are nothing of vital importance in the application process,those letters are mainly work as an aiding but necessay factor during your preparation.I am now confusing what kind of staff article I'm gonna ask my school counselor to write for me.You know,you can't expect them to express nothing but your list of glorious activities and academic achievements.Thus,letters of recommendation would function better if they mainly focus on your unique character or potential caliber.That is what a majority of colleges,especially small liberal art colleges expect to see.By the way,I'm gonna take my application process under early decision this end of year,good luck to you.</p>