Count Me In Program

Is it true that in previous years, applicants that got on at least one UC campus waitlist and not getting any admission to any UC would be invited by UCM to their Count Me In program automatically?

Do they even have that program this year? or do they have enough applicants now that they stop doing that?

Yes they are still offering the program:

The bottom of this link is dated 2019.

Dumb question—is it possible to get an invitation from more than one school? Say, from both Merced and SC?

@intricuit. UCSC does not participate in the Count Me In program and has not since 2002. You would not get 2 referrals as an ELC eligible student. Also, UC Merced does not offer spots to all ELC eligible referrals due to overenrolled majors and not all referrals will be admitted.

However, UCSC has in the past offered a few spots to OOS and International applicants that applied to the UC’s but did not get an acceptance. The reasoning behind this is that each UC has a cap on the # of OOS/International students enrolled and if they do not meet this cap, they can offer spots to these applicants.

I see, I see. I was confused because I remember last year someone OOS getting an email, so that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!