Countdown to College

<p>Who is doing the countdown.. you or your student? I guess I am thinking mostly of Freshman here... I have to admit, I think I may be more anxious for him to get an "education" than he is :) And by education I mean... parental appreciation! haha</p>

<p>As a sophomore parent, I am counting down the days until I get my house back! </p>

<p>I am ready for my grocery bill to be cut in half.</p>

<p>My mom is not doing any counting down. She is more anxious than anything. It’s so cute. She comes home with bags of items. </p>

<p>I’m not really counting down. Just lounging on the couch until the day comes. :p</p>


HA! I’m not the only one who is leaving or college. I have two other siblings who are leaving the nest. </p>

<p>My mom’s groceries will probably be reduced by 75%. Her utilities will be reduced by 50%. Cable will be greatly reduced since we’re all taking our TVs. She’s leaving only two cable boxes.</p>

<p>But buying items in threes isn’t so easy, either.</p>

<p>I’m with Mizzbee!!!</p>

<p>T-35 by the way… :)</p>

<p>I have 2 girls leaving the same weekend in august and I’m looking forward to hot water in my bath, 1/3 the products in the bathroom and being able to watch what I want on TV. :). Honestly, I sure am going to miss the little farts. :’( :)</p>

<p>Very excited for both of them. Junior moving into apartment, starting discussions about grad school and a trip abroad, and freshman spending her first year at TAMU…Whoop!! Exciting times. Happy for my girls.</p>



<p>LOL thanks for that. I now know what I looked like to my daughter, 4 years ago this summer.</p>