Countdown to D-Day

<p>As of today, we have 34 days left to wait.</p>

<p>D = decision (but, for me, D = deferral, denial, and doom)</p>

<p>I understand that the decisions were out around Dec. 10th last year, can we expect the same this year you think?</p>

<p>Dec. 10? That's awesome... 29 days left =) no clue if its true though</p>

<p>last year it looked like it was Dec. 10th but i've also heard that it depends a lot on what day of the week it falls on (maybe how close to weekend). i'd say they will get emails out by 11th at the latest since they mail the stuff out then hoping it gets to people by the 15th.</p>

<p>I sent them an email and they said the letter are MAILED on the 15th.</p>

<p>This is gonna be a long month....</p>



<p>Yes, it is. I think about it EVERY day-- it is driving me crazy.</p>

<p>Get yourselves psychologically conditioned for a serious letdown. Harvard admission is rough. Get your other aps out the door real quick just in case, because after mid-December it won't be easy.</p>

<p>You've got a point there, Zuma. I gotta get started on all my other apps... Shiite...</p>