Countdown to June 2010 SAT Scores/Results Thread

<p>At silenceizsik's request, I have created the official waiting thread on CC for June 2010 SAT scores. What are you guys going to do while you're waiting? :)</p>

<p>I have pure summer relaxation for a week before I leave to debate camp on the 20th, so I'll be swimming, hanging out, reading, running, and watching the world cup!</p>

<p>^ Awesome! :D I'll be hopping a plane bright and early tomorrow morning to fly halfway across the world to Singapore, where my parents and sister currently live. We'll be in CA in the fall, though. Speaking of which, I really, really need to finish packing...</p>

<p>Watching the world cup...even though I should probably be studying for finals, but w/e :)</p>

<p>^ Did you take the June SAT as well? For some reason I don't recall seeing you in any of the threads about it thus far o.o</p>

<p>when is the exact date we get our scores online?</p>

<p>June 24th. :) That just so happens to be one day after my 16th birthday... we'll see if the College Board decides to give me a good present this year ;)</p>

<p>Do they come out at 5:00 AM on June 24?</p>

<p>^ I believe so... 5 AM EST, mind you :p</p>

<p>Cool, so roughly 10 days and 13 hours until we get our scores.
Do we instantly get a detailed score report (e.g. how many SC correct, etc) or just the numbers (e.g. CR 800, M 800, ..)?`</p>

<p>You get the numbers first. The detailed score report comes a bit later (like a week later)...</p>

<p>Wouldn't it make more sense for them to just grade your tests at the testing center with some kind of machine so you would instantly know you MC score? Then they could spend the rest of the time with essays and calculating curves and whatnot. I personally cannot stand waiting 3 weeks for anything.</p>

<p>What is the difference between the detailed score report and the SAS?</p>

<p>@ MW2isawesome: Ugh, tell me about it! :/ That would be so awesome if they had something like that...</p>

<p>@ jollybjolly: I'm not sure; I've never ordered the SAS before (do you mean QAS?)</p>

<p>nope I mean SAS (student-answer service)</p>

<p>^ Huh. Interesting; I didn't know that existed :p</p>

<p>Ahhh I cannot wait either. Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>Nice job fledgling :) .. btw, you're only 15?? what grade are you in? </p>

<p>The wait for these scores is quite agonizing.. It usually wouldn't be in the summer, since I have three sports to occupy almost all my time, but of course I just hurt my ankle so now I'm extremely restless</p>

<p>I have more optimism for the ACT results.</p>

<p>@jollybjolly - I believe that the SAS is similar to the PSAT score breakdown on the collegeboard website: it lists all the questions for each section (not the actual question, just the number and its difficulty) and tells you specifically which ones you got right</p>