<p>Ok, I know its a little early, but I'm already counting down...</p>

<p>54 days!</p>

<p>AHHHH! Lol, I'm counting down too. 54 is way too many days to wait. Where's my instant gratification?</p>

<p>how about a countdown before Nov. 1? I know that there're a lot of people with the app still in their hands...</p>

<p>Hah, this is true. Tomorrow will be the big day for writing the essays, and then I'll send it out Monday. No, I haven't procrastinated. :)</p>

<p>Oh, and a quick question: When you print the app, have some of the questions already been checked? For example, my app already had a big check in the College of Business. What's the deal with that?</p>

<p>I don't know--same with me. I also had one of the linguistics majors checked as well as a couple of other things. Just be sure to check it over a couple of times before printing it off. :)</p>