counter choices...done!!

<p>We chose our granite today. Picked Ivory Fantasy (you can google...granite ivory fantasy...and you will be able to look for images of it...look for the ones with the oak colored cabinets). We had so much fun looking at all the choices. This one is just what we were looking for...a light color, some variation but small pattern not huge sweeps. It's a light cream color with a little brown, a little blue, a little of a rust sort of color...but predominately a cream color.</p>

<p>Our sink will be white as will our appliances...cabinets and floors are light oak. We have tons of windows in the room...and adjacent family room. We are VERY excited about this.</p>

<p>thumper, what fun!!!! I'm jealous!</p>

<p>Very nice! Now I bet you just can't wait until it's installed!!! When's the big day?</p>

<p>Love our granite and it sounds like you made a nice choice. Make sure you seal it every year, using a good granite sealer. Your fabricator/installer should seal it after installing but, if for some reason they don't, have some sealer purchased along with a painting roller tray and a "sponge" applicator. (I like using these sponge heads and keep one specifically for the granite sealer job, along with a plastic roller tray.) I also recommend daily cleaning using "Method" brand granite cleaner. Target sells it and so does Loew's.</p>

<p>thumper1 - It sounds great. You are going to have to let us know how it turns out. I guess this is the kind of thing one could do when there is no more college tuittion to be paid. Enjoy.</p>

<p>Looks beautiful. I love our granite counters. I think I'll have jshain come over and maintain them though :). I do put sealer on annually, but I don't think I do the professional job he does. As for daily cleaning with Method/any brand of granite cleaner.... not happening in this house. </p>

<p>jshain, mi casa es tu casa :). I'll supply the granite sealer.</p>

<p>thumper, I think the day that I chose my granite was probably my favorite day in our 9 months of renovation. :) Walking through that huge building that was filled with slabs of beautiful granite was like being in an art museum. Some of them were truly spectacular. Have you chosen an edge yet? Have they given you a date when they'll do the template? That was interesting to watch, I made sure I went over to the house to see that being done. The ivory fantasy is very pretty.</p>

<p>I agree that watching the template-making process was really interesting. As was the install. Ours was done by two not-very-large young men who handled the heavy granite with apparent ease. And the filling of the one seam with epoxy (or whatever) and color-matching was its own form of artistry. The guy was a perfectionist - he kept on tweaking his color mix long after I would have thought he'd achieved a "match." Also watching him use a razor blade (as I recall) to make sure there was absolutely no difference in level between the two slabs where the joint came together... impressive.</p>

<p>We just had our kitchen countertops replaced with granite this week. Love it! We chose New Venetian Gold, cream background with browns and blacks.</p>

<p>The fabricator is coming to do the template on Tuesday. Then I am going with him to his shop to lay the template on the granite so the spots we want on the island will be on the island. We are getting a bevel edge.</p>

<p>Very pretty, thumper! I like white sinks and appliances. (We did black for our fridge replacement, to be ready in case we switch to stainless steel as the other appliances fail... but I think things were a little brighter with the white.)</p>

<p>If you remember, report back about the maintenance aspects. No rush for my sake - it will likely be years before do our kitchen renovation.</p>

<p>An important aspect is not to rely on the small sample. Go through the yard and look at a full size piece of the granite you're considering. Some look better, some look less so, when you are looking at the actual piece of rock from which your countertop will be sculpted. What happened with us is we saw a stone we loved in the yard (eventually selected it) that didn't catch our eye as a small showroom sample.</p>

<p>Do people actually choose from a showroom sample? I can't imagine doing that. We needed 3 slabs for our kitchen and we chose the actual slabs at a huge warehouse. There were 6 or 7 in the type we wanted and we chose and marked the 3 that we liked best.</p>

<p>Like it/love it. We're (still) trying to sell- the next owner can choose the granite pattern they want. In other words- when counter top needed replacing a few years ago chose the inexpensive Formica again (still common around here). I do prefer light to dark counters. Enjoy your new kitchen.</p>

<p>From the photos I've seen online it looks like a gorgeous granite. I had beveled edges on the granite in my last house and really liked the look. Hope all goes well with the templating.</p>

<p>I've have stony creek granite in my kitchen for almost 15 years. We're planning to remodel, and my next choice will be much more neutral, perhaps a plain marble. I've never sealed it - used any old cleaner (mostly just a soapy washcloth) and it looks exactly the same as it did when it was installed. Red wine, bleach, vinegar - nothing has stained or discolored it - everything wipes right up, so in that regard I'm happy with the choice. When I was selecting the stone for the kitchen, I let the samples sit in red wine and other liquids to make sure that it was not porous. Although I have delicate stone in the bathrooms, I did not want any problems in the kitchen.</p>

<p>I have marble/granite in the bathrooms as well, and only two types of marble need regular sealant - statuario and rosso allicante. You may find that it is unnecessary to seal your particular stone.</p>

<p>Sounds wonderful! We did a kitchen a long time ago and I can't wait to do a new one when we eventually move. Question about granite (from one who hasn't had granite countertops) -- did you go with a glossy finish or the honed one (where it's more matte)? I love the lustre of stone so I would go with the former but apparently the honed one has its fans too. And if you seal it, nothing will stain it (lemon juice, wine)?</p>

<p>Very pretty Thumper. I have a light color in my kitchen also. It's called Colonial Cream. I really love it. It has the glossy finish. I like it because it brings out the color variations more. We went to a slab yard to pick our granite.</p>

<p>My counters have a honed finish - my kitchen is a bit rustic, so less shiny looks more appropriate. It's really a matter of preference, although my mason mentioned that honed finishes are the most popular right now. Many varieties of granite are non-porous, so nothing will stain, even without a sealant.</p>

<p>Our fabricators apply Drytreat's Stainproof permanent sealer to the granite; no yearly maintenance required. We chose a polished finish with an eased edge for the main countertops and a waterfall edge on the shaped island to make it a focal point. I love how it turned out. Our bathrooms have an eased edge that keeps in style with the vanities. I do think polished vs honed can be determined by the feel of the house as Gourmetmom stated.</p>

<p>My big dilemma is the kitchen backsplash. We're living with plain painted walls because I'm just not sure what I want!</p>