Couple of Housing questions....merit NBS Criteria?

I think the virtual tours are blending together…does anyone know the answer to these questions?

Is OSU housing contract first come first serve OR is it apply before XYZ date and you are fine/guaranteed housing?

What is best way to hunt for a roommate when OOS?

Also if you meet all criteria for merit scholarships is this automatic? My D21 has 3.89, 31 ACT and top 25%…met all dates and has been admitted in early round. I know she meets criteria for National Buckeye, but I want to know before we plop the housing $ down.

thanks!! in advance

I think it some type of lottery and then first come first serve that happens in March. Haven’t heard anything on merit scholarships. S21 has 4.0UW, was accepted early Dec and not a word about anything.

“Beginning in mid-March Student Life Housing Services will email students each week based on the date they paid their Acceptance Fee to the University. Students will receive an e-mail sent to their Ohio State email account with details on how to apply for campus housing.”

I’ve sent 2 and we let the university find their roommate. It was a good match both times and people they chose to live with again.

Is your student in Scholars or Honors? If so, they will have specific dorms to live in. If not, I’d look through the other Learning Communities and see if any of them are good fits. The programs help students make connections. Learning Communities : University Housing

You should get university housing as long as you meet the deadlines. They over enrolled freshman a few years ago and contracted with a nearby hotel.

Thank you this is very helpful. Do you know any info about the NB scholarships? My D21 meets all criteria, but I am hesitating to pay deposits until I hear for sure she got the scholarship.

Merit is not guaranteed, it is competitive. However, there are a lot of National Buckeye Scholarships offered. Occasionally there will be high stats students that are not offered the scholarship. It’s only January, I’d wait to see the scholarship offer.

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