Couple Questions

<p>Hey I just have a couple of questions, I'm applying ED.</p>

<p>-On the CommonApp there is a space for Guidance Counselor's title, what does that mean? It's probably something simple I'm just missing but their title is my guidance counselor
-For people applying, are you attaching a resume/chart explaining all of your activities in more detail in addition to writing them in on the space given on the CommonApp?
-How far are you on your applications? Done and sent in? Just starting your essays?
-Should I report my 3 on AP World History? It was my only AP test I took last year (I slacked off at the end of last year and didn't study for it), would it look worse to report it or not report it?</p>

<p>Thanks for any help, feel free to ask any questions that you have here; I know this is a very stressful week for a lot of us.</p>

<li>I’m guessing Mr. or Mrs.? Unless they have a PhD, then you would put Dr.?</li>
<li>not applying, but you can send in a resume, which can be helpful in some situations</li>
<li>I don’t think they consider AP scores in admissions, just for transfer credit.</li>

<li>The title is not a prefix, as TskDbx suggested, but something like “Guidance Counselor” or “College Counselor,” etc.</li>
<li>It is an option.</li>
<li>Not far.</li>
<li>You should report the 3 if you’ve taken the AP class; otherwise it might look a bit off, and have greater ramifications.</li>

<p>Bump, I am curious about some of these too.</p>

In our school mine is “School Counselor” in the school directory so thats what I used. Check the directory or just ask your Counselor.</p>

<li>I just let my GC fill out that section. He knows better :)</li>
<li>I’m reprting my EC on the commonapp, and my GC sent my resume as well</li>
<li>Applied ED 11 days ago :)</li>
<li>I didn’t send my AP scores (bad scores). It doesn’t have any effects on their admission decision. There are tons of examples when students didn’t report their AP scores due to their sickness or because they were not available to pay for it (did not take the test). Don’t worry about it. You’re just not going to get college credits for that AP class</li>