course advice for entering freshman?

<p>Hello, I am an entering freshman at UCB and I have been wondering a few
things for a while now. I have contacted both the admissions office, Undergraduate Advising, the Office of the Registrar about these issues and they haven't been much
help.This question may be something that requires an in-person appointment,
however, I live in Connecticut and am unable to come to California (due to
some financial restrictions) until move-in day.</p>

<p>I was wondering if someone could guide me in picking the right classes for
the fall semester. I am still in the process of learning more about how
Tele-Bears works, but I would like to know what courses are okay to take
as a potential English major. I am involved in the UConn Early College
Experience program, which contain the same curriculum as University of
Connecticut courses and may be transferred to certain schools for college
credit. I have taken UConn English, Biology I&II, Calculus I&II, and
Statistics. The admissions office said these courses may possibly be taken
for credit, but I will not be notified until later. </p>

<p>Should register for L&S requirements before I know that I
have fulfilled them (UConn transcripts are not available until the middle
of July). What do you suggest that I do? I also would like to know if I
should focus on electives/minors as of right now. I am interested in
pre-Haas and continuing my Spanish studies. Should I worry about t
hose yet or simply focus on other L&S/English requirements?</p>

<p>I apologize for such specific questions but I am in desperate need of
advice/guidance since this is all new to me. If anyone that could give me a
guideline for a typical pre-Haas & English major course schedule to ask
for in Phase I & II that would be amazing! I'm assuming I should worry about
other electives/interests until after this first semester and I can talk to
a counselor in person, correct? Anything you guys can offer would be great!
Thank you in advance!</p>

<p>I'm not sure about the English major, but for the pre-Haas track you could take for your first semester:</p>

<li>A pre-Haas requirement like Econ 1 / UGBA 10 / Math 16B / Stat 21</li>
<li>A reading & composition requirement like English R1A / English R1B</li>
<li>A breadth course (I recommend Spanish 25 for the Arts & Literature breadth)</li>
<li>A breadth course</li>

<p>For pre-Haas, you must complete all 7 breadth courses by the end of your sophomore year. AP exam credit will place you out of some pre-Haas requirements, but not out of breadth courses.</p>

<p>As you choose your classes, make sure you have enough elbow room your first semester at Cal, as you're still adjusting to things. Find a work-study job if you can, join clubs that you're truly interested in, and try the good eats around Berkeley's northside.</p>

<p>thank you for the suggestions, i'll add those to my list!
i'm definitely already thinking about clubs, and i got $4000 work-study so i'll have to leave time free for that haha. thanks again for the advice</p>

<p>I believe they changed it so that for Haas you only need to finish all the breadth by the end of the four years, not by the end of sophomore year anymore.</p>

<p>yeah a lot of stuff has changed about the haas reqs, i already checked on the website. i think i'll try to get as many done as possible though as long as i'm still waiting for my ap scores</p>

<p>alluric: you may be refering to the Haas MBA OP is talking about the Haas BS in Business Admin.</p>

<p>No, alluric's right. There are 7 breadth requirements at L&S that we no longer have to complete before entering the Haas undergrad program. They can now be spread out over the 4 years at UCB.</p>

<p>There is a change coming for students who will be admitted to Haas for Fall 2012 and future years. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>