Course audits and admission chances

<p>Hi all, I'm faced with a dilemma: I want to take 19 hours, but they could potentially ALL be in math and statistics. I'm a senior looking at phd programs, and I'm trying to make this semester count. I'm applying to both statistics and math phd programs.</p>

<p>To relieve the burden of so many math classes, I could audit the two statistics classes, which won't count towards my major anyways.</p>

<p>The question is, do I just skip these statistics classes, or audit them?</p>

<p>Will an admissions committee recognize that I have time constraints, and see my audits as a compromise? Or, will an admissions committee think that I'm slacking, and pretend as if I've never taken the class?</p>

<p>Hm- at least at my UG I don't think classes you audited showed up on any official record (like a transcript) - so I don't think adcoms would know you audited these classes unless you mentioned them specifically in your application on your own (which would be weird to bring up a class you audited as the person reading would likely think, why didn't they just take this class if it's so important that they are talking about it?). But that doesn't mean I think you should take these classes - focus on the ones you will enjoy/find valuable/interesting/etc. and fulfill some sort of requirement (credits needed for your major/to graduate or are required/expected by grad schools). Taking extra classes makes everything less fun/interesting/etc. bec. you are overburdened and stretched too thin (I would think admissions people recognize this at some level). As a senior - enjoy your senior year! Having a little free time to enjoy your senior year (not slacking by any means, but just not overtaxing yourself) will be well worth it when you look back (you can't get back your "college years"). Also - ALL math-related courses? You might want to balance it with one or two non-math related courses - gives your mind a break/makes you think differently and you most likely won't get a chance to take cool social sciences/humanities/studio art/music etc. classes after you graduate college - I recommend taking advantage of that opportunity.</p>

<p>Good advice, LAC operon.</p>

<p>I sealed my own fate recently by making a decision, and then submitting a job availability schedule built around the classes I decided upon.</p>

<p>For the two statistics courses, I enrolled in one, and ignored the other. (the other stat class may get canceled anyways because no-one else was enrolled, 3 weeks before classes start) I enrolled in a philosophy class (Social ethics) that fulfills gen. ed. too.</p>

<p>So 16 hours, with one humanities class to keep my head cool.</p>

<p>I'm also doing assistant work, which should help my chances with pesky adcoms...</p>

<p>This can still be an interesting discussion though. For example: Buffalo's grad school does record audits on the transcript. So many people sit-in on classes, so why not show that on your transcript if it's possible?</p>