Course changes and class changes to UCLA for incoming Freshman

I am a recently admitted high school student to UCLA, and I’m finishing up my senior year in high school. I take (and took) classes at local community colleges while in high school, and on my application I put that I planned to take an English course at a community college during a winter session, and that I planned on taking four additional community college courses during the spring semester alongside high school coursework. Because I am in high school, I was only allowed to take two classes at any one community college, and therefore I had to attend two different community colleges, RCC and MSJC. There were two changes in my academic record. The first was the English class that I planned (PL on application) to take during the winter session. The community college didn’t allow for high school students to take courses during the winter, so I couldn’t take the English course during the winter. During the spring session, I put on my application that i planned to take statistics, physics, psychology, and history at a community colleges. I took three of these courses (Statistics, psychology, and history), but had to change one of them because of time, schedule, and availability. I took cultural anthropology instead of physics. Will these two changes in my academic record, the dropped class and the changed class, effect my admission into UCLA? Or should I be fine because it was just one change and just one drop?

Part of your provisional admission contract for UCLA, is that you need to notify them of any schedule changes. Email admissions and let them know. I highly doubt there will be a problem as long as you give them a heads up.

Ok, I will do that as soon as possible! Thank you! Because I didn’t change my academic record far too much, I was just prevented from taking a class and another class I changed to another subject. Thanks for your help though!!

If there are changes to your academic record…

Freshmen: If you change schools, add or drop a course, or fail to earn a C or better in a course after you submit your application, you must notify the UC Application Center by email or postal mail. Your correspondence must include your name, UC Application ID number and your signature (if you mail a letter), and will be available to all the campuses to which you applied.

It could be a problem if they were expecting a Sr year English and Science and you don’t have it. The others seem electives. Also you didn’t notify them at the time about the English class and the other change of schedule either, to get feedback. You will have to wait to hear from them, people here can only guess.

My high school courses had AP English. I guess I’ll just call them on Tuesday, I hope it’s not a problem, because I had scheduling conflicts as well. Basically, I had to drop a course because it was out of my control, and I had to change a course since my schedule was a problem. Do you think that they will tell me right away when I call them or are they vague over the phone with such issues?

No I don’t think they will tell you anything on the phone, I think you have to wait for a review once they get your info…

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ok, so do you think I would have a problem? Because I dropped one college class because it was out of my reach and switched another because it was conflicting with my schedule(the registering period for the classes was different, and the colleges give high school students the dead last registering date). I have straight A’s so far this semester and will likely finish high school year with a 4.0 in my two major high school classes (AP English and Econ) and my four current community college classes (Psychology, History, Statistics, Anthropology which I took at two different community colleges since I could only take 8 units at any one college, hence my conflicting schedule with the physics course). Anybody else have any input on this?? I already submitted them the class changes online, and I’ll call first thing tomorrow, but any opinions??

I don’t think there will be any problems but what I (or anyone else here on CC) think means nothing. You’ll need to talk to the school.

I talked to UCLA today, the lady said that it’s not like I dropped an entire schedule. She doesn’t think that there will be a problem, but it is up to the committee. I think I will SIR to SDSU just as a fallback and as insurance, I think that will be the best thing I can do right now! I’ll lose the $$$ but at least I can have a good college to go to. And I asked them if I can do that, UCLA said that they don’t monitor the CSU system and SDSU said that it shouldn’t be a problem, I would just have to let them know I am not attending if everything turns out fine with UCLA.