Course & General Advice?

<p>Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could possibly help me out with getting a general idea of how my schedule is going to work out. I've done a lot of reading and I know I have to take the basic one year bio, chem, organo-chem, physics for med school. But I'm also planning to be a Sociology major at the University of Florida, and I have to take the requirements for the Major along with taking all these classes for Pre-Med and possibly extra courses like Microbio? Anyway, I was just wondering if there is anyone who can help me possibly get an idea of how my 4-year schedule will look (Any sociology majors? :) ) Because I'm sorta worried at the moment that I won't be prepped for the MCAT and won't have room in my schedule to be taking all these classes for med-school. Sorry if what I said is hard to understand, I didn't get a real advisor at my UF orientation, they gave me some graduate student who couldn't help me at all. Thanks!!</p>

<p>Also, I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about becoming an EMT works? I read up a little and you have to take like 111 hours of class prep, and a final class exam, then a state exam plus other things? Just wondering if this is possible to do while in college taking all these courses + extracurriculars for me like tennis, research, and sometihng else probably. I think I'm really interested in EMTs (being a volunteer that is, i think EMT-B?) cause I'll get a chance to see if I actually can handle/REALLY want to be a doctor. Any advice? </p>

<p>Again, sorry for the super long post, thanks a lot really for your time guys, it means a lot to me if I can work out these answers! :)</p>

<p>My college actually offers an EMT-B training course, and I plan on taking it there in the fall, alongside with my other main classes, and then volunteering during the rest of the year for my college's EMS. If UoF doesn't offer such a class I'm sure you can find some organization that hosts training classes nearby that you could take while at college, as long as its relatively close to campus..And if you cant find anything close, just take it during your next summer. And about the sociology/premed req's - I'm sure you can fit both your major's requirements+the premed req's in 4 years so I wouldn't worry about it (If it wasn't feasbile to fit in all req's in 4 years, then there would be a lot less pre-meds majoring in non-science fields). As long as you take the pre-med req's you'll be prepped for the MCAT.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply! So after I get certified as an EMT-B, I read that the hospital and places in Gainesville won't hire me unless I'm more experienced and a higher level EMT-B. But does that mean I can still volunteer, and not be paid, at any place? wondeirng if they'll still take me as a volunteer even though I'll be newly qualified. </p>

<p>And thanks, i'll try not to worry about it, i just read the stickies and stuff about pre-med classes, do i really have to take extras to get into med school? Cause I'm not sure if I can take all the cores, and take that many extras. I dunno, maybe I'm thinking about it too much? Thanks anyway for the reply Acceptd! :)</p>

<p>No problem - Definitely don't get hired as an EMT-B because then it would be a job, and you're already a full time student so obviously that won't work out. Ask if you can VOLUNTEER and that you would be new and looking for some sort of starting experience and I'm sure they'd understand. </p>

do i really have to take extras to get into med school?


Not really sure what you mean by extras? Extra-curriculars? Or extra courses?</p>