course planning for ucla orientation

I'm leaving for ucla's freshman orientation soon and I would feel better if I had all of my class schedule planning done before I leave. I am a pre poli sci major but I am looking into a double major. I'm interested with econ, philosophy, linquistics, or a romance language like spanish or Italian, but im open to suggestions. I guess what I am asking is what would be the best major to double major with poli sci (because of overlaps etc.) and what majors are considered "light" or easy. --I dont want to work on any slack off majors because I think I will be applying to grad school. what majors look good with poli sci. i dont know what i wwant to do eventually, but ive been thinking about intelegence analyst or policy analyst...or something similar. Help me make my resume good PPPPPLLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!! :) all help/advice is appreciated!</p>



Why would you recommend double majoring in a program that doesn't even exist?</p>

<p>minor in public affairs?</p>

<p>well poli sci is actually considered one of the "lighter" majors because it's a fairly short major that a lot of people can double major or minor with. my advice to you is to pick a second major that you're interested in, and then your resume will look good for jobs that you'd probably also be interested in.</p>

<p>thanks guys for the help! :)</p>