Course Preferance.

<p>I know that its not final and you don't select classes until you meet with an advisor.... but do I really have to chose from only those?</p>

<p>I'm majoring in Finance but I'd like to take Physics for natural science. It isn't an option. Does this mean I can't take physics, or can I take physics after I speak with my advisor?</p>

<p>You can't sign up for it now, but you can take it. Just select from the options you have, then make any changes when you get here. You can take any of the classes for which you have fulfilled the prerequisites. I don't know if you have access to MyUM's course listing as of yet, but there are 74 spots open in college physics I, and the requirements for the course are "MTH 108 OR 105" - meaning you must either have the AP requirements or have tested out of either Math/Trig or Precalculus. For University Physics I, there are plenty of spots open and the prerequisites are "COREQUISITE: MTH 110 OR 131, WITH A "B" IN MTH 105 OR 108 OR PLACEMENT INTO CALCULUS BY MTH PLACEMENT EXAM. OTHERWISE, PREREQUISITE: MTH 110, 111, OR 131."</p>

<p>Actually...funny that you mention that. Previous I was a BBA and my recommended math class was Business Calculus. I switched to BSBA and since I didn't have the recommended scores, I was placed into MTH 108.</p>

<p>Previously Physics was listed as an option, and now its not....could that have been it?</p>

<p>Could be. When you get here you can take a math placement exam, which will let you place as high as Calc I, meaning you'd be able to take College Physics... or if you took an AP exam for calc, that could let you in.</p>