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<p>Can anyone direct me to where, on Amherst's webpage, it has information about Freshman Seminars and where it says how many credit hours are necessary to graduate? Also, I was looking at the course catalog and I can't find information as to how many credit hours each course is worth. Am I just blind or is this information not posted anywhere? Another thing that I was worrying about is if anyone had received any emails from Amherst regarding scheduling or dorm information.</p>


<p>Go to Academics and then to Areas of Study. Go to First Year Seminars and look at Course selection - Fall 2010. You can also see the other classes by the other Areas of Study.</p>

<p>Have fun!</p>

<p>Amherst doesn't really count credit hours as such. Each class is one "credit" (or half a credit, in the case of certain dance/music lessons), and 32 credits are required to graduate. This means that the typical Amherst student takes 4 classes per semester for 8 semesters. This means that all lab science and humanities classes are worth equal credit, even though students may spend more time physically in class for the former. </p>

<p>Scheduling will occur once you arrive on campus. You will move in on Sunday of Orientation and on Monday will meet with your advisor who will help you select courses. You should certainly browse the course catalogue beforehand so you have a sense of what you might be interested in, but with the exception of preferencing your freshman seminar, you do not need to actually sign up for classes until you arrive on campus.</p>

<p>Housing assignments will be mailed out in mid-August.</p>

<p>You will receive a packet this summer with dorm questionaire, health insurance info, freshman seminar preference sheet, etc. It all comes in one big envelope. Regarding the credit hours that ACKB12 elaborated on, it is so true about the physical time spent varies depending on classes. My D had around 21 hours/wk. last semester due to 2 sciences plus labs. This fall I think her class hours might be half that! It will be the first semester with no labs, and she is looking forward to the downtime.</p>

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<p>See "Degree Requirements."</p>

<p>Thanks guys! No wonder I couldn't find the freshman seminars! They're under 'First Year Seminars'! And thanks for the info about the credit hour thing. I remember that being mentioned during the admitted students weekend but I thought they meant classes, not credit hours.</p>

<p>And remember that some classes, though they don't have labs, may have outside activities scheduled such as working with TA's in foreign language and movie hours with reports due, etc., so just because a class doesn't have a lab, it really may have a "lab."</p>

<p>I think classes are technically 4 credits (except half courses, which are 2), but outside of unusual circumstances, there's no reason to think about it.</p>