Course Scheduling Incredibly Messed Up Now—Need Urgent Advice

My schedule for next year and my senior year is now pretty messed up, and I’m quite stressed out. I’m a rising junior, living in NH—there aren’t many opportunities, and my school doesn’t even offer Calculus BC.

Next year, I was planning on taking Calc 3 first semester, Diff Eqs w/ Lin Alg second semester (all at UNH), along with Honors Chem, Honors Spanish 4, AP Gov, AP Lang, and had an extra slot that I was probably going to take AP Macro/Micro. However, I was notified today that Calculus 3 at UNH was full (they didn’t even place me on a waitlist even though I was approved for the course?), before non-degree registration was even open. I can still take Diff Eqs second semester, as Calc 3 isn’t a prereq for it as it usually is. But what should I take with my two free periods now first semester? I asked for the availability of two CS courses that fit my timeframe, but there are limited spots and I doubt I will get them. Because I’m playing soccer in the fall (the likelihood of a season right now is pretty high), I have a limited timeframe to take classes and Calc 3 just happened to be within that timeframe. In the spring, I have more flexibility for courses because I won’t be playing a sport.

I plan on studying CS and geography in college, and there are online geography courses available from UNH, but I’m not sure it’d be worth it to pay a few hundred dollars for a geography course.

So I have two options—either get lucky and get a CS course for this semester, or take a geography course, or just have two study halls and self study AP Physics C: E/M. Then, in the spring, take DIff Eqs w/ Linear Algebra. I want to take UNH courses this year as a junior and not have to worry about them senior year where I can focus on college apps and other things, because it’s quite time consuming as I have to drive to the campus, which is around 50 minutes round trip. However, I’m not even guaranteed Diff Eqs second semester. We don’t do dual enrollment or CC classes at my school.

Or, I could take AP Econ and AP Stats this year at my school, and try again next year to get into Calc 3/Diff Eqs.

For reference, last year I took AP Calc BC, AP Physics C Mech, AP Com Sci A, APUSH, Honors Spanish 4, Honors Soph English. The rigour wasn’t an issue for me—I got As in every class, 5s on all the exams. My school has never seen someone with such an unorthodox courseload like mine, so my counselor isn’t really sure how to handle everything, but she is flexible and is letting me decide what to do. Course selection is just extremely limited here—hopefully colleges will recognize that when I apply.

So…what should I do? I really don’t know. Thank you for your time.

Can you take linear algebra and/or differential equations first semester?

@ucbalumnus Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit in my time slot. It’s either calc 3, which is full, one of two cs courses, or geography

If you do go to UNH for CS, it looks like the required math courses from are:

MATH 425 Calculus I 4
MATH 426 Calculus II 4
MATH 531 Mathematical Proof 4
MATH 539 Introduction to Statistical Analysis 4
or MATH 644 Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

Perhaps one of 531, 539, or 644 is offered when you can take it and has space available? Or select any one of the numerous optional math courses listed there.

If you want to major in geography as well, taking an introductory course in the subject can help you confirm your interest in it.

@ucbalumnus I’m not even applying to UNH, just taking courses there because we don’t have a CC nearby. Thank you though, I took a look at the courses and MATH 531: Mathematical Proof actually fits my schedule. None of the others do, however.

What do you think about putting UNH courses off to next year? I feel like I’d be too busy because of college apps, but this year is just a mess, my high school doesn’t know if we will be virtual or not. UNH already confirmed which courses will be online and which will be in-person, so that’s not an issue, and I’m sure my high school will be flexible with me.

I don’t know how it’ll look, however, if I am not able to take Calculus 3. There is no opportunity for me to take the course, so they can’t penalize me for that, right?

Given that you took single variable calculus (AP calculus BC) three years ahead of normal, not being able to take multivariable calculus next year due to scheduling difficulties would not be the worst thing in the world as far as college admissions may see it.

The mathematical proof course (531) will be helpful when you get to upper level CS theory courses, or if you take upper level math courses (abstract algebra, number theory, real analysis, etc.). Logical thinking practice will also help generally in CS. However, be aware that many students do find proof-based math courses to be more difficult than those where you calculate solutions to problems.

The math proof course is a great choice but see if they offer Discrete Math since it’s useful for CS. Otherwise there’s a “stats applied to geography” at UNH that would likely interest you more than AP Stats.
GEO 658: Introduction to GIS would also be a good choice for you at any point since it’s basically CS applied to Geography :slight_smile:

@MYOS1634 I will look into those courses in the future!

I was actually able to get a spot in Calc 3…I was ecstatic this morning.

Until I look at the amount I have to pay…



I don’t even want to know how much the textbook costs.

Almost $3000 for a high school student who is just trying to learn more math?? Like what?? Hopefully my high school can do something about it, but that is ABSURD. We can afford it but would rather not. That is beyond crazy. I don’t know what to do.

Look at the cost of tuition for full time or 15-16 credits… this is probably discounted!
That’s why you should talk about your college budget with your parents ASAP.
If your family can afford it, all is well. If they can’t, check with your school. In most States, dual enrollment is actually subsidized, students only pay for textbooks and parking permits (or even nothing, depending on the State; I don’t know whether the NH tax structure allows for totally free dual enrollment or low cost dual enrollment).
GEO 658 should be on your radar at any point between now and graduation. :slight_smile:

@MYOS1634 According to this:

“There is no formal dual enrollment policy, so tuition is the responsibility of the student or the student’s parent.”


Also UNH hasn’t offered GEO 658 since 2018, and they no longer offer Discrete Math. Good ol’ UNH, remind me not to apply here as a safety school. says that UNH’s in-state tuition is $645 per credit; for a 4-credit course, this would be $2,580, so $2,000 is a discount. says that the parking permit fee is $75 if you are a “commuter” who “live[s] in a residence >1 mile from campus and >.25 from nearest campus/downtown Durham bus stop”, or $750 if you live in off-campus housing but do not qualify for the “commuter” rate.

Some courses are on a once every other year rotation, make sure to email the Geog dept just in case :slight_smile:
Hopefully your family can afford the fees. :s

Use this as an opportunity to discuss college budget.

@ucbalumnus @MYOS1634 I figured it out, for parking I just use the parking meters—because classes are on rotational attendance, and only one hour each, then I will probably end up going to UNH around 22 times a semester. This means that I’ll be paying less than $40 using the meter as opposed to the expensive parking pass (I live 25 minutes away).

We ended up paying (they told me I had to pay immediately as a non-degree student, otherwise I would lose my spot). They were completely on board with it. That’s good.

good job!

Be aware that other students will have figured out that parking meters are a better deal than paying for a semester pass, and you will have to get there early to get a spot. Everyday there could be uncertainty re will I find a spot in time to get to class? Street parking near universities can be challenging.
If you have no dual enrollment deal with any college, have you thought about finding a calc3 class online at any U in the country?

@CheddarcheeseMN Parking meters are only a better deal for me because I’m not going to be parking for extended periods of time. Very few other high schoolers take courses at UNH, so I don’t think there will be a huge issue in that regard.

I already registered for Calc 3, there’s no going back now. The only other program I know of UIUC’s NetMath, which is almost $2k as well.

If parking at the meters is at all a hassle (in terms of finding a space), then you may want to go for the $75 parking pass, since it looks like you qualify for that “commuter” rate (the $750 non-“commuter” rate apparently exists to deter on-campus and near-campus residents from taking up the parking).

@ucbalumnus Oh wow, thank you for mentioning that—I just realized I had read it wrong before, I had seen <1 mile…

Junior taking calc 3, can’t even read