Course Selection--Are there any changes i should make?

Context: I live in South Florida. Based on how I did in these courses so far, I do not plan on majoring in STEM, except possibly something like Statistics or Finance, but I am primarily interested in the liberal arts. My extracurriculars are Debate (Congress) and Theatre (Tech). One of my goals is to earn the AICE Diploma so I can guarantee that I get Bright Futures, because I’m not sure if my GPA will be enough.

Middle School:
Algebra I Honors
Earth and Space Science Honors

Ninth Grade:
Geometry Honors
Biology Honors
AICE International History AS Level
AICE General Paper AS Level
Theatre One
Spanish One

Art History Honors (1/2 credit only)
Drivers Ed (1/2 credit)

Algebra II Honors
Chemistry Honors
AICE US History AS Level
AICE English Language
Debate One Honors
Theatre Two
Pre-AICE Spanish Two

Dual Enrollment Film Appreciation

Eleventh (current):
AICE Marine
AP US Gov (1st semester); AP Macro (2nd semester)
AP Lang
Debate Two Honors
AICE Drama AS Level
AICE Global Perspectives and research

my plans for the future are:

Dual Enrollment Health Concept and Strategies (in place of personal fitness)
Physical Education

AP Stats or AP Calc AB (whatever is easier to be honest)
AP Environmental i think
AP Psych
AP Lit
Debate Three Honors
AICE Drama A Level
??? Maybe AP Euro if my school still offers it

Hi @ravenclawsheir559

  • foreign language is a core acade5mix course. Especially if you’re thinking Liberal arts you need to get through level 4 or AICE.
  • the rest of your jr schedule is fine
  • AP stats is easier than calculus. However if you’re thinking statistics, finance, or business for a major, you need calculus. (Statistics for statistics majors is calculus based. Business majors often use calculus as a weed out course so that HS prep really helps. Finance is heavily math based.)
  • Take AP euro rather than ap psych or
    Take another AICE humanities/social science course.

Look into your public universities ’ honors colleges, plus Wilkes and NCF. See what environment you want.
Some OOS/private universities will honor Bright Futures - look into Agnes Scott if you’re a girl, Rollins, Eckerd -further away but in the South, Davidson, Sewanee, Rhodes, URichmond are all excellent so run the NPC to see if they’d be within budget.

How do you think I should continue with foreign languages? I didn’t do well taking it in person and I don’t have room for it on my schedule–should I take through FLVS, Edgenuity, dual enrollment, or something else?

FLVS Spanish 3 should be okay - ask classmates, perhaps.
Dual enrollment: HS Spanish 2 qualifies you for college Spanish 2 but beware, the pace is much faster (as you can guess from the fact two years of HS Spanish would be covered in one college semester)