Course selection... HELP! Do I really spanish for premed?

Hi Yall!!

right now I am doing my course selection for senior year! I am really interested in pre-med… but my guidance counselor said I needed to take all of my core classes to have a chance at a competitive college! I’ve already taken up to Spanish 4, meaning I would need to take AP or dual enrollment Spanish!

Do I really need AP Spanish? Thanks a bunch!!

If you do go into medicine or other patient-facing health profession, a decent speaking/listening knowledge of Spanish may be helpful, since Spanish is a fairly common language among patients with weaker English skills.


“helpful” in a career 8 years down the road is different than “to have a chance at a competitive college.”

No, no college requires or expects more than level 4 of a foreign language. It would be better than taking beginner basket weaving, but any solid elective will be as or more valuable on a college senior’s transcript.

Thank you! I’m planning on using that slot to double up on science labs!

AP may help you wit college FL general education requirements. I would take AP Spanish before a second science class.

What would your schedule look like without Spanish?
What would you replace Spanish with?