Course Selection -- schedule-friendly & easier vs. transfer-friendly and harder

<p>I'm stuck between two literature classes that I must choose for next semester. I plan to transfer next year, and I want to make sure that my classes can transfer. One of them is a bit less reading-intensive (just a bit; it also has no final exam), and when I contacted the department heads of a few colleges, they weren't really sure if that class could be transferable (mainly because of the no-final-exam thing or because it's just a bit less intensive than they'd hope for), but it makes my schedule VERY nice (makes me only have 1 class on Wed. and Fri.) and I could get a higher GPA. This class would also fulfill my core humanities requirement. Some of the colleges would accept the class, but the others weren't so sure. The registrars of the colleges that were iffy on the course said that they look for courses that COULD be offered at the college and falls under a similar department offered at that college, so it seems like this course has a fighting chance to get transferred as SOME credit.</p>

<p>On the other hand, the other class is required for all literature majors in my school (yet ironically does not fulfill my core humanities), requires a little more reading and writing, and would not make my schedule as appealing as the former would. But the class is transfer-friendly and every college I've contacted agreed that this course would easily transfer.</p>

<p>Another reason why the latter can be a bit more troublesome is because my scholarship in my current institution requires me to take 15 credit hours per semester. If I take the latter, I would only have room for 14 credit hours next semester. There's an online form I could fill out with which I could petition to be exempt from the 15-hour requirement, but I'm wondering if it's just easier to take the former class and take my chances.</p>

<p>Please help -- registration season is kicking in and classes are filling up rather quickly.</p>


<p>“my scholarship in my current institution requires me to take 15 credit hours per semester.”</p>

<p>And there is no one credit yoga class that you could take to make up the full 15 credits?</p>

<p>You need to have 15 credits. Schedule A will give you 15, but maybe one of the classes won’t transfer. So what? Lots of classes don’t transfer. What matters is whether or not your course load will make you a viable applicant at your target colleges/universities. That is the question that you need to be asking.</p>

<p>^The majority of my classes fall under the liberal arts, so those should transfer. I just want to make sure I won’t have to repeat freshman year due to insufficient transfer of credit. I have AP credit to make up for it (lots, actually), but I just want to be sure. </p>

<p>I plan to switch majors once I transfer (humanities, but not English), but if I were to make a guess, I’d say Class B is just a bit more relevant since it teaches English majors the basic techniques for analyzing literature. </p>

<p>That’s another thing I’m wondering: if I do need to make sure my course load will make me a viable applicant, wouldn’t an extra yoga class be a detriment? OTOH, I’m currently taking the max. amount of credit hours this semester for freshmen, and for both semesters I’ll be taking 2 sciences classes with lab and an honors class, so hopefully it balances out?</p>