Course Track for a CAS Student Interested by an Engineering Major


<p>I was accepted to CAS undecided and have realized that I may want to pursue an engineering degree, which would require an internal transfer. With course registration rapidly approaching, I want to know what courses I should enroll in as an AS student which would put me on the best track for an internal transfer acceptance. I am currently thinking about Chemical Engineering. I believe Chem 2090 is an example of a required ChemE course but only offered to COE students. Would love to get some advice from someone who has gone through this or a similar transfer process.</p>


<p>Chemical engineers usually take math, physics, chemistry, FWS, and/or a CS class or ENGRI/ENGRD in their first semester. If you have AP credit for physics, you don’t need to take any this semester. So maybe MATH 1920 (or 1910 if you only have Calculus AB credit), PHYS 1112 or 2207 (or 2208 or 2213 if you have Physics C Mechanics credit, or 2214 if you have credit for both parts of Physics C) [or you could take 1116 or 2217 or 2218, respectively, if you feel ambitious], CHEM 2070 or 2090 (or 2150 if you have Chem AP credit - I highly recommend taking the placement test if you don’t have AP credit and want to be a chemical engineer, as this will put you one semester ahead in the chemistry sequence which is very helpful; otherwise take 2090 which is the engineering intro to chemistry; you can take it without being an engineer), some FWS, and an engineering distribution course or a CS course (or both, but I wouldn’t recommend taking 6 classes in your first semester).</p>